Traditional stories together with live musical performance for children of all ages throughout the UK.

about our productions


The aspiration of the Fairytale Fantasia group is to deliver entertaining and meaningful productions of well-known stories suitable for children of all ages. Performances are regularly given in nurseries, prep-schools, and at private events.


Our plays are created from traditional fairytales, such as works from the Brothers Grimm, Oscar Wilde & Aesop's Fables. All the fairytales are a unique combination of storytelling featuring live musical performance by our team of highly accomplished classical singers and instrumentalists.


The musical excerpts have been selected to fit the nature of each fairytale. We also include a presentation explaining the potential of the instruments involved in our productions, with the aim of instilling knowledge and an interest for classical music to the younger audience.



The stories we produce are highly expressive and interactive experiences specifically designed for engaging the audience and inspiring children’s imagination, awakening their responses to the sound of live music. Our fairytales are centered around a strong educational and moral message, whilst being a delightful experience for all to watch.


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